Curious Caterpillar

I'm the Crittle with the insatiable need to know. If you gotta problem that needs solving or a gadget that needs fixin', just ask me.

If you have a gadget that needs fixing or a question that need answering, just ask Curious Caterpillar for help! He's the crawling, questioning Crittle with an insatiable need to know. Curious is always thinking, building or reading something and his workshop is littered with weird machines and half-finished gizmos. Some of the other Crittles think he asks too many questions, but everyone likes him because he is always willing to help a friend. Even though he can be cautious at times, Curious is always causing all kinds of adventures.

Motto: Every Question Begs A Solution!

Curious engineers Ambitious Ant's and Tenacious Turtle's larger projects. Funky Frog and Lucky Lizard consider him to be a stick-in-the-mud but Snappy Snake secretly uses CC to build him gadgets for his "missions", like the 'Rattle Rope' used in operation TreeSpree. He also secretly envies Bopping Butterfly because she's a butterfly and he isn't!

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