Snappy Snake

Try to catch me while I'm sauntering by. I'm a quick-witted Crittle with a ssssuave attitude.

That's Snappy Snake sauntering by, a ball of energy with a ssssuave attitude. Some of the Crittles think Snappy has a tendancy to exagerate even though nobody knows for sure what's in his briefcase! Snappy is like a greased lightning bolt, quick-witted with a joke, comeback, or fact for whatever the situation. He can move very fast when he has to and makes a good leader when he's 'up to something'. Never down, and quick with a quip, Snappy always looks good and ssssounds even better.

Motto: Never Lose The Cool!

Snappy may, or may not be, a Secret Agent. Always in the middle of some "mission", he often uses Tenacious Turtle, Daring Dragonfly and Ambitious Ant, roping them in with a quick word and a promise of adventure. Snappy has a mutual respect with Funky Frog but Lucky Lizard cramps his style.

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