Daring Dragonfly

Here I come zipping by...try to follow! I'm the thrill-seeking and courageous Crittle with a thirst for adventure.

Zipping by is Daring Dragonfly, off to explore another exotic locale! DD is the courageous Crittle with a thirst for adventure and seeing the sights of her beautiful world. She can be found skimming across the lake or taking chances with Lucky Lizard down by the quarry. She's sometimes hard to find because she's always scouting out a new place just over the horizon. Daring tends to show off from time to time but she's really a sweet girl when she's not risking her neck!

Motto: Do The Extreme!

Daring Dragonfly gets along well with Lucky Lizard (a kindred spirit) and Bopping Butterfly (although DD has to slow down to Bop's speed). She has a friendly rivalry with Happy Hornet over who can fly faster, but she still has a of couple tricks left.

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