Lucky Lizard

Things always seem to be going my way. I'm the Crittle who lives life as I find it, and it almost always finds me.

Watch out, it's Lucky Lizard. He thinks he can't be hurt and he may be right! He's an outgoing guy who makes lifelong friends easily. Lucky is always ricocheting around, Barely attached to a skateboard, hang glider or dirt bike. When he's not risking his life he can often be found walking across walls and ceilings with his suction-cupped feet. The other Crittles don't believe he's so lucky that he can't be hurt and consider some of his stunts as foolhardy. Lucky lives life as he finds it and it almost always finds him! Lucky never plans anything, it just happens!

Motto: Gamble A Chance!

Lucky hangs out with Funky Frog and Daring Dragonfly, which he's always trying to goad into some crazy bet, but try as he might, Lucky can't talk Funky Frog into anything. Even though the other Crittles are always scheming to beat him, Lucky still hasn't lost one yet.

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