Ambitious Ant

Prepared for any contingency, I'm the enthusiastic Crittle always found working on one thing or another.

Meet the Scrappy little planner of the Crittles, Ambitious Ant! AA's small size is just a cover for his big dreams. He's always working at one thing or another, building friendships and futures from the small things around him. Ambitious tries hard and plans for every contingency. Ambitious is always looking for others to pitch in and join his team to finish some project. Sometimes, this can lead to trouble, but he'll just dust off his six legs and start over again!

Motto: Don't Stop Now!

Ambitious likes Tenacious Turtle and Curious Caterpillar, his greatest plans having been realized through their help and hard work. They were the unstoppable team that rebuilt the bridge over Coldwater Stream after the big flood. Ambitious gets frustrated with Daring Dragonfly, who never plans her escapades, and he thinks Happy Hornet and Boppin' Butterfly are too frivolous. On the other hand, he secretly envies Lucky Lizard's seemingly easy life.


Bopping Butterfly

I just can't seem to stay put for too long. Now I'm off to see my friends. Life's an open book to me.

Here's Bopping Butterfly and ... there she goes! Never one to stay too long in one place, Bop is always having new adventures wherever she goes. The world is an open book to her and she can often be seen flitting over the flowerbeds in search of a new petal dress or tasty nectar. Bop may never be around when you need her but she'll show up when you least expect it. Because she's all over the place, Bop knows more than she lets on about the Crittles and their activities. She has a big heart and cherishes her friends even when she's far away from them.

Motto: You Just Can't Have Too Many Friends!

Bop likes flying with Happy Hornet in sky-chases (although Happy always wins). She consults with Lovely Ladybug for fashion tips. She thinks Ambitious Ant and Curious Caterpillar are too serious and secretly wishes she could fly as well, and as unafraid, as Daring Dragonfly!


Curious Caterpillar

I'm the Crittle with the insatiable need to know. If you gotta problem that needs solving or a gadget that needs fixin', just ask me.

If you have a gadget that needs fixing or a question that need answering, just ask Curious Caterpillar for help! He's the crawling, questioning Crittle with an insatiable need to know. Curious is always thinking, building or reading something and his workshop is littered with weird machines and half-finished gizmos. Some of the other Crittles think he asks too many questions, but everyone likes him because he is always willing to help a friend. Even though he can be cautious at times, Curious is always causing all kinds of adventures.

Motto: Every Question Begs A Solution!

Curious engineers Ambitious Ant's and Tenacious Turtle's larger projects. Funky Frog and Lucky Lizard consider him to be a stick-in-the-mud but Snappy Snake secretly uses CC to build him gadgets for his "missions", like the 'Rattle Rope' used in operation TreeSpree. He also secretly envies Bopping Butterfly because she's a butterfly and he isn't!


Daring Dragonfly

Here I come zipping by...try to follow! I'm the thrill-seeking and courageous Crittle with a thirst for adventure.

Zipping by is Daring Dragonfly, off to explore another exotic locale! DD is the courageous Crittle with a thirst for adventure and seeing the sights of her beautiful world. She can be found skimming across the lake or taking chances with Lucky Lizard down by the quarry. She's sometimes hard to find because she's always scouting out a new place just over the horizon. Daring tends to show off from time to time but she's really a sweet girl when she's not risking her neck!

Motto: Do The Extreme!

Daring Dragonfly gets along well with Lucky Lizard (a kindred spirit) and Bopping Butterfly (although DD has to slow down to Bop's speed). She has a friendly rivalry with Happy Hornet over who can fly faster, but she still has a of couple tricks left.


Funky Frog

I'm the one happening Crittle who's doin' this super rhythmic assymetric type alpha-beta psychedelic funket.

Get down with Funky Frog, the hippest Crittle on the pad. Funky's always laid back and chillin', even when he's leapin' along to another shindig. His deep croakin' can be heard all over the meadow and it means that he's having fun somewhere. With those suckers on his fingers, Funky can spin a mean record as a disc jockey. He's also a connoisseur of exotic foods and most of the other Crittles are amazed at what he'll eat. Dressed to the nines and never upset, Funky flows with the scene, checking things out. Although a pacifist at heart, if he needs to, he can really send you spinning with a leg kick that will knock you for a loop!

Motto: Ya Gotta Feel It To Be It!

Funky digs everyone but he hangs out with Lucky Lizard and Happy Hornet the most. Snappy Snake and Funky also share a few secrets about "cool" between themselves. He also likes spending time with the ever glamorous Lovely Ladybug.


Happy Hornet

I'm the Crittle with a upbeat and different outlook on life. Watch out, or I might sting ya with a good prank.

Happy (or "Buzz" to his friends) is the content Crittle with an upbeat and different outlook on life, and likes going on trips whenever he can. Happy Hornet lives in the Hornet's Nest Arms, a big nest in the barn that, inside, looks like an apartment building! Happy Hornet is a peacekeeper by nature, always trying to smooth things out between his friends. He is always joyful and looking at the lighter side. Buzz also enjoys a good joke but he does have a temper and, when pushed, his stinger can pack a wallop!

Motto: Are We Having Too Much Fun Yet?

Buzz can be found racing through the skies with Daring Dragonfly or checking out the whereabouts of Scorchy Scorpion or Spooky Spider. He gets his kicks from divebombing groups of otherwise happy picnickers. He also likes to play with Scorchy when she's working (not advised!) and often takes time to discuss Spooky Spider's latest flight of fantasy.


Lovely Ladybug

Ever so dazzlingly stylish, I'm the most glamorous and sassy Crittle around (or so I've been told).

Dazzling everyone as she steps onto the scene is Lovely Ladybug. LL is the most glamorous Crittle and always lights up a room when she arrives. Lovely may tend to care for the other Crittles but that's because she's a very loving bug. Lovely can often be found at her boutique, fulfilling the fashion needs of the meadow's community. She's always planning big and fancy dress parties and is often seen trundling quickly from one place to another with a bag full of stuff. Ever elegant, Lovely is also a born businesswoman and problem solver who knows how to get her way through flattery and good sense.

Motto: Style Is An Internal Quality!

Lovely Ladybug gets along well with the rest of the Crittles who respect her, even if she can sometimes seem frivolous or conceited due to her primping and preening. She consults with Funky Frog about her parties. Snappy Snake and Bopping Butterfly always top her annual "most stylish" list.


Lucky Lizard

Things always seem to be going my way. I'm the Crittle who lives life as I find it, and it almost always finds me.

Watch out, it's Lucky Lizard. He thinks he can't be hurt and he may be right! He's an outgoing guy who makes lifelong friends easily. Lucky is always ricocheting around, Barely attached to a skateboard, hang glider or dirt bike. When he's not risking his life he can often be found walking across walls and ceilings with his suction-cupped feet. The other Crittles don't believe he's so lucky that he can't be hurt and consider some of his stunts as foolhardy. Lucky lives life as he finds it and it almost always finds him! Lucky never plans anything, it just happens!

Motto: Gamble A Chance!

Lucky hangs out with Funky Frog and Daring Dragonfly, which he's always trying to goad into some crazy bet, but try as he might, Lucky can't talk Funky Frog into anything. Even though the other Crittles are always scheming to beat him, Lucky still hasn't lost one yet.


Scorchy Scorpion

Hey, I'm the scrappiest Crittle of the bunch. But, even if you get in my way, I usually won't hold a grudge.

Make way for Scorchy Scorpion, a tough girl with a tender heart. She knows what she wants and works hard to get it. Often found arm wrestling the other Crittles, Scorchy likes to settle bets in this manner. She's always involved with something and is willing to get into a scrap if you keep asking her questions! Scorchy is something of a loner but does show up to play the occasional practical joke with Happy Hornet. If she runs into trouble, she knows she can rely on her stinger and herself to get out of it.

Motto: That's What I Like!

She can be found hangin' out with Funky Frog and Snappy Snake. Scorchy tries to look after Spooky Spider because she worries about her being too trusting or flighty. She also likes matching wits with Snappy Snake and matching stunts with Lucky Lizard. She still hasn't beaten Tenacious Turtle at arm wrestling!


Snappy Snake

Try to catch me while I'm sauntering by. I'm a quick-witted Crittle with a ssssuave attitude.

That's Snappy Snake sauntering by, a ball of energy with a ssssuave attitude. Some of the Crittles think Snappy has a tendancy to exagerate even though nobody knows for sure what's in his briefcase! Snappy is like a greased lightning bolt, quick-witted with a joke, comeback, or fact for whatever the situation. He can move very fast when he has to and makes a good leader when he's 'up to something'. Never down, and quick with a quip, Snappy always looks good and ssssounds even better.

Motto: Never Lose The Cool!

Snappy may, or may not be, a Secret Agent. Always in the middle of some "mission", he often uses Tenacious Turtle, Daring Dragonfly and Ambitious Ant, roping them in with a quick word and a promise of adventure. Snappy has a mutual respect with Funky Frog but Lucky Lizard cramps his style.


Spooky Spider

I'm the creative Crittle who lives a life of fantasy. You never really know what I'm up to, as I spin my web of mystery.

Usually found building an intricate web of fantasy and fact is Spooky Spider, the slightly eccentric but sparklingly creative Crittle! The other Crittles often forget she's around because she spends so much time day-dreaming. On the other hand (and she's got eight), most of the Crittles unconsciously find themselves seeking her out for advice. Spooky is much craftier than she seems and can easily make up a story or explanation on the spot, even if all the details don't fit.

Motto: Spin Your Own!

Spooky likes being left alone. Lovely Ladybug is constantly pestering her to spruce up her look but Spooky is happy the way she is. Most of the Crittles don't really understand her mysterious ways, but realize she has a special gift. Occasionally, she'll tell her thoughts to Happy Hornet and her fears to Scorchy Scorpion.


Tenacious Turtle

I'm the brawny and down-to-earth Crittle who can't be beat when I set my mind to something.

You couldn't have a more stalwart friend than Tenacious Turtle. Big-hearted and down-to-earth, Tenacious can rarely be stopped when he has set his mind to something. Tenacious can always rely on his strength to get him out of a jam, and likes to test it against all comers (and is rarely beaten). He often helps Curious Caterpillar and Ambitious Ant when they need someone strong to move or hold something in their work, and likes helping the other Crittles in their big tasks. He will always backs up his friends when they need him, no questions asked!

Motto: Tough Enough!

Tenacious hangs out with Scorchy Scorpion and Lucky Lizard from time to time. He also provides muscle for Snappy Snake on the occasional "mission". Tenacious is boisterous at Funky Frog's parties, and this quality can get him in trouble at some of Lovely Ladybug's swankier soirees.

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