Funky Frog

I'm the one happening Crittle who's doin' this super rhythmic assymetric type alpha-beta psychedelic funket.

Get down with Funky Frog, the hippest Crittle on the pad. Funky's always laid back and chillin', even when he's leapin' along to another shindig. His deep croakin' can be heard all over the meadow and it means that he's having fun somewhere. With those suckers on his fingers, Funky can spin a mean record as a disc jockey. He's also a connoisseur of exotic foods and most of the other Crittles are amazed at what he'll eat. Dressed to the nines and never upset, Funky flows with the scene, checking things out. Although a pacifist at heart, if he needs to, he can really send you spinning with a leg kick that will knock you for a loop!

Motto: Ya Gotta Feel It To Be It!

Funky digs everyone but he hangs out with Lucky Lizard and Happy Hornet the most. Snappy Snake and Funky also share a few secrets about "cool" between themselves. He also likes spending time with the ever glamorous Lovely Ladybug.

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