Happy Hornet

I'm the Crittle with a upbeat and different outlook on life. Watch out, or I might sting ya with a good prank.

Happy (or "Buzz" to his friends) is the content Crittle with an upbeat and different outlook on life, and likes going on trips whenever he can. Happy Hornet lives in the Hornet's Nest Arms, a big nest in the barn that, inside, looks like an apartment building! Happy Hornet is a peacekeeper by nature, always trying to smooth things out between his friends. He is always joyful and looking at the lighter side. Buzz also enjoys a good joke but he does have a temper and, when pushed, his stinger can pack a wallop!

Motto: Are We Having Too Much Fun Yet?

Buzz can be found racing through the skies with Daring Dragonfly or checking out the whereabouts of Scorchy Scorpion or Spooky Spider. He gets his kicks from divebombing groups of otherwise happy picnickers. He also likes to play with Scorchy when she's working (not advised!) and often takes time to discuss Spooky Spider's latest flight of fantasy.

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