Scorchy Scorpion

Hey, I'm the scrappiest Crittle of the bunch. But, even if you get in my way, I usually won't hold a grudge.

Make way for Scorchy Scorpion, a tough girl with a tender heart. She knows what she wants and works hard to get it. Often found arm wrestling the other Crittles, Scorchy likes to settle bets in this manner. She's always involved with something and is willing to get into a scrap if you keep asking her questions! Scorchy is something of a loner but does show up to play the occasional practical joke with Happy Hornet. If she runs into trouble, she knows she can rely on her stinger and herself to get out of it.

Motto: That's What I Like!

She can be found hangin' out with Funky Frog and Snappy Snake. Scorchy tries to look after Spooky Spider because she worries about her being too trusting or flighty. She also likes matching wits with Snappy Snake and matching stunts with Lucky Lizard. She still hasn't beaten Tenacious Turtle at arm wrestling!

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