Tenacious Turtle

I'm the brawny and down-to-earth Crittle who can't be beat when I set my mind to something.

You couldn't have a more stalwart friend than Tenacious Turtle. Big-hearted and down-to-earth, Tenacious can rarely be stopped when he has set his mind to something. Tenacious can always rely on his strength to get him out of a jam, and likes to test it against all comers (and is rarely beaten). He often helps Curious Caterpillar and Ambitious Ant when they need someone strong to move or hold something in their work, and likes helping the other Crittles in their big tasks. He will always backs up his friends when they need him, no questions asked!

Motto: Tough Enough!

Tenacious hangs out with Scorchy Scorpion and Lucky Lizard from time to time. He also provides muscle for Snappy Snake on the occasional "mission". Tenacious is boisterous at Funky Frog's parties, and this quality can get him in trouble at some of Lovely Ladybug's swankier soirees.

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