Lovely Ladybug

Ever so dazzlingly stylish, I'm the most glamorous and sassy Crittle around (or so I've been told).

Dazzling everyone as she steps onto the scene is Lovely Ladybug. LL is the most glamorous Crittle and always lights up a room when she arrives. Lovely may tend to care for the other Crittles but that's because she's a very loving bug. Lovely can often be found at her boutique, fulfilling the fashion needs of the meadow's community. She's always planning big and fancy dress parties and is often seen trundling quickly from one place to another with a bag full of stuff. Ever elegant, Lovely is also a born businesswoman and problem solver who knows how to get her way through flattery and good sense.

Motto: Style Is An Internal Quality!

Lovely Ladybug gets along well with the rest of the Crittles who respect her, even if she can sometimes seem frivolous or conceited due to her primping and preening. She consults with Funky Frog about her parties. Snappy Snake and Bopping Butterfly always top her annual "most stylish" list.

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