Bopping Butterfly

I just can't seem to stay put for too long. Now I'm off to see my friends. Life's an open book to me.

Here's Bopping Butterfly and ... there she goes! Never one to stay too long in one place, Bop is always having new adventures wherever she goes. The world is an open book to her and she can often be seen flitting over the flowerbeds in search of a new petal dress or tasty nectar. Bop may never be around when you need her but she'll show up when you least expect it. Because she's all over the place, Bop knows more than she lets on about the Crittles and their activities. She has a big heart and cherishes her friends even when she's far away from them.

Motto: You Just Can't Have Too Many Friends!

Bop likes flying with Happy Hornet in sky-chases (although Happy always wins). She consults with Lovely Ladybug for fashion tips. She thinks Ambitious Ant and Curious Caterpillar are too serious and secretly wishes she could fly as well, and as unafraid, as Daring Dragonfly!

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