Ambitious Ant

Prepared for any contingency, I'm the enthusiastic Crittle always found working on one thing or another.

Meet the Scrappy little planner of the Crittles, Ambitious Ant! AA's small size is just a cover for his big dreams. He's always working at one thing or another, building friendships and futures from the small things around him. Ambitious tries hard and plans for every contingency. Ambitious is always looking for others to pitch in and join his team to finish some project. Sometimes, this can lead to trouble, but he'll just dust off his six legs and start over again!

Motto: Don't Stop Now!

Ambitious likes Tenacious Turtle and Curious Caterpillar, his greatest plans having been realized through their help and hard work. They were the unstoppable team that rebuilt the bridge over Coldwater Stream after the big flood. Ambitious gets frustrated with Daring Dragonfly, who never plans her escapades, and he thinks Happy Hornet and Boppin' Butterfly are too frivolous. On the other hand, he secretly envies Lucky Lizard's seemingly easy life.

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