Spooky Spider

I'm the creative Crittle who lives a life of fantasy. You never really know what I'm up to, as I spin my web of mystery.

Usually found building an intricate web of fantasy and fact is Spooky Spider, the slightly eccentric but sparklingly creative Crittle! The other Crittles often forget she's around because she spends so much time day-dreaming. On the other hand (and she's got eight), most of the Crittles unconsciously find themselves seeking her out for advice. Spooky is much craftier than she seems and can easily make up a story or explanation on the spot, even if all the details don't fit.

Motto: Spin Your Own!

Spooky likes being left alone. Lovely Ladybug is constantly pestering her to spruce up her look but Spooky is happy the way she is. Most of the Crittles don't really understand her mysterious ways, but realize she has a special gift. Occasionally, she'll tell her thoughts to Happy Hornet and her fears to Scorchy Scorpion.

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