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Tony Montana

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"Say 'ello to my little !"

"This is paradise, I'm tellin' ya. This like a great big jus' waitin' to get fucked."

" , and the fuckin' Diaz brothers! 'em all! I bury those -a-roaches!"

"Is this it? Is this what it's all about, ? , Drinking, Fucking, , [Come on, man] Snorting? Then what? Tell me, then what? You're . You gotta bag for a . You got tits, you need a bra; they got on 'em. You got a , it's got spots on it, and your eatin' dis fucking ; and you're looking like these fucking in here. [Come on, it's not so bad; it could be worse, ya'know?] Is this what 's all about? [Fo'get it] Is this what I for? Look at that, a . I gotta fucking for a wife. Don't eat nothin', all day wit dem black on. Wakes up with a . [Dont pick on her, man] And who won't me, [come on...] cuz she's in a coma. I can't even have a kid wit'er, . Her is so polluted, I can't even have a fucking little wit'er!" [Now that's not nice...] / "You son of a ! You fuck!"

"Now what is your problem, lady? Eh, you gotta problem? You're good looking, you gotta beautiful , beautiful , beautiful ; wit all dese in love wit you, mein; only you gotta look in your eye like you haven't been in a year"


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