Spider-Man Unlimited

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Peter Parker is covering the launch of Solaris I, a one-man exploratory spaceship with a single purpose: to investigate the newly discovered Counter-Earth, an Earth-like planet in our orbit on the opposite side of the sun. J. Jonah Jameson is there, beaming proudly, because the astronaut chosen to pilot the spaceship is his son, John Jameson.

But there are two others there who plan on hijacking Solaris I for their own vile purposes ¾ Venom and Carnage. As the countdown continues the two villains sneak onto the ship and stow away.

Peter's trusty Spider-Sense warns him all is not right. He changes to Spider-Man and the two symbiotes attack. "Three ... two ... one ... zero!" Solaris I blasts off¾ with Spidey still on board! Unable to stop the symbiotes, he's hurled from the ship. He swings away, but not before J. Jonah spots him.

Solaris I leaves Earth's atmosphere, enters the warp ring ¾ and emerges almost instantaneously on the far side of the sun. John Jameson transmits his status reports back, but his transmission ends abruptly, and telemetry reports Solaris I losing control as it approaches Counter-Earth ...

Six Months Later... Solaris II is ready to complete the Counter-Earth mission and rescue John Jameson. Covering the project for the Bugle is Peter, driven by guilt over not being able to stop Venom and Carnage. He hasn't had much time for webslinging, which is just as well, because J. Jonah, blames Spidey for the probable death of his son and has mounted a vicious attack against Spider-Man.

On the eve of the launch, Spider-Man sneaks onto Solaris II and takes off, arranging it to appear that Peter Parker has stowed away as well. Within a matter of seconds via the warp ring, Solaris II enters orbit around Counter-Earth.

The webslinger's come prepared, he's borrowed some nanotechnological devices and used them to design a new costume. The spiffy new suit boasts, among other things, sonic vibrational technology that will prevent an alien symbiote from taking him over.

As Solaris II swoops down, the ship is suddenly caught in a tractor beam and pulled down to a crash landing onto the rooftop of a mile-high skyscraper in a strange but recognizable New York City. Spidey is captured by the High Evolutionary and wakes up strapped to an operating table and surrounded by the Knights of Wundagore. However, a team of rag-tag humans, obviously freedom fighters of some sort, break in and spirit Spidey away to the city's underworld, where he meets the leader of the resistance movement¾ John Jameson!

Spidey learns that all that exists on this Counter-Earth is due to the mysterious machinations of someone known only as the High Evolutionary. He is the architect of this world, and for reasons known only to himself, he has decreed that pureblooded humans are outcasts. The Beastials¾ the human/animal biformates¾ are the ones in charge. To help keep the humans down, the High Evolutionary uses the Machine Men ¾ or, if warranted, his elite team of biformates, The Knights of Wundagore.

Spidey tells Jameson that they need to find a spaceship and return home, but Jameson refuses. In the six months that he's been here, he's adopted the humans' cause as his own. He won't consider returning to Earth until humans are equal with Beastials on Counter-Earth, and Jameson wants Spidey to aid his cause.

So Spidey's in a dilemma. He can't return to Earth without Jameson because he's been accused of complicity in Jameson's "death." And there's also the matter of Venom and Carnage¾ why are they here?

These are the new adventures of the infamous Marvel superhero in SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED. Produced by Saban Entertainment in association with Marvel Studios in thirteen web-slinging episodes.