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What's with all the ORANGES?

For the most part, I'd stay away from them! Consider these:

(However, the filmmakers claim the color orange simply showed up nicely in dark scenes)

The Godfather
The first time we see Sal, he tosses himself an orange at Connie's wedding. He later betrays Michael... Bye bye!
There's a fruit basket with oranges in front of Sandra as she gestures to others the size of her husband Sonny's manhood
There's a bowl of oranges in front of Woltz. We know what happens to his horse!
There are oranges around when Sollozzo enters the Don's office for the meeting. Dead man!
Right before he was shot, Don Corleone bought 2 oranges! Oh, man... an omen!
And as he topples to the street, the Don upsets a basket of oranges into the street!
When sitting with his father after he returns home from the hospital, Fredo sits next to a fruit basket of oranges. He later betrays the Family and his prayers cannot help him!
At the commission meeting of the Five Families, bowls of oranges are placed in front of the Don, Philip Tattaglia and Barzini. Ciao!
What does Don Vito have in his mouth moments before he dies? Yup!
Not fruit, but... Carlo gets his ass whipped by Sonny, while wearing an orange suit.
Not fruit, but... Kay wears an orange coat when she comes looking for Michael at the compound.
Not fruit, but... Michael's tie when he talks with Moe? orange!
Not fruit, but... More orange clothing: Masseuse's pants, Woman behind Barzini fall on steps, Assassin's shirt at revolving door...!

The Godfather, Part II
Johnny Ola gives Michael a gift from Roth: An orange!
When young Vito is telling Clemenza and Tessio that he'll make Fanucci "an offer," there are oranges on the stand behind him.
After Vito gives Fanucci $100, Fanucci picks up an orange from a fruit cart! Bang! Bang! Bang!
There are oranges in front of Abbandando Grosseria, and many other stands.
There are oranges in front of the guests at the Havana meeting.
Vito picks up an orange from a cart, and the vendor tells him it's free.
During Michael's speech about history and assassinations to Tom & Rocco, he's eating an orange, apparently with the skin on. Yuck!
Not fruit, but... Johnny Ola favored orange clothes: an orange leisure suit and an orange hat. Bye-bye!

The Godfather, Part III
Although orange juice alleviates Michael's diabetic symptoms... orange drops from Michael's hand as he dies. R.I.P.!
When the helicopter disrupts the Commission meeting, and orange rolls on the table.
While Altobello is talking to Michael in the hospital, Neri places a glass of orange juice on the table. Alto-byebye!
Vincent handles an orange while at Tommasino's villa with Michael and Harrison.
When Calo is telling Michael that Tommasino had been killed, there are oranges behind Kay.
When Michael, Vincent, Connie, and Neri are talking, there's an orange on the table, and Neri's eating an orange. Zasa's out!
Vincent is holding an orange when he's speaking with Tommasino.
When Altobello is telling Mosca about the "stone in his shoe," we see oranges on the table. Altobello also tosses an orange to Mosca's son after he does "the donkey"

Anyone notice more?


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