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The Godfather Part III

Did You Know...?

The Godfather Part III story begins in 1979, eight years since Michael and Kay have seen each other (and 16 years since the release of Part II)

The first words of the film: "My dear children, it is now better than several years since I moved to New York..."

The archbishop's full title is Bishop of Cobh, County Cork, in Ireland

What is Kay's married name? Michelson. Her husband, Douglas, is a judge.

Gabriel Torrei played Enzo the baker, like he did in Part I

Don Costello who plays Don Romano at the meeting of the bosses, played a don at the meeting of the five families in Part I

Carmine Caridi, who plays Don Volpe, played one of the Rosato brothers in Part II

Did Michael's PR advisor, Dominic Abbandando, look familiar? It's Don Novello... Father Guido Sarducci of SNL fame!

Raf Vallone, who played the Pope, was considered for Brando's role in Part I

Martin Scorcese's mother, Catherine, appears in a cafe, complaining that the neighborhood is going to hell

Scorcese's father, Charlie, was an off-screen "advisor"

Luca Brasi was an ex-Wrestler. Anthony "the Ant" Squigliaro (Vito Antuofurmo) is a former middle-weight boxing champ who once fought Marvin Hagler to a draw!

What happened to Sonny's wife, Sandra? According to Connie she made a new life and didn't want anything to do with the family

Anthony and Mary went to Dartmouth College, like their father

Who was present at the Commission meeting? Don Altobello, Cuneo (Leo, as Ottilio Cuneo had been killed in Part I), Frank Romano, Matty Parisi, Albert Volpe, Joey Zasa, Vincent, Michael, plus about 10 nonspeaking elderly dons.

What's the name of the puppet show Michael and Kay watch? Baronessa di Carini, in which a father kills his daughter because she is in love with her cousin (like Mary and Vincent). Incidently, in Part II, Vito and Genco watched Senza Mamma, whose theme mimicked that of the movie

There are 6 men in Joey Zasa's entourage

There are 13 directors of the Immobiliare. Michael controls 6 votes, the Vatican controls the swing vote

Where is Michael when he dies? Don Tommasino's villa

Michael grabs Vincent for the family picture, like he grabbed Kay in Part I

What resulted in Michael's hospital stay? A diabetic stroke/coma

Coppola features his family again in Part III: Sofia played Mary, his sister Talia Shire reprised Connie, Carmine composed the score and had a cameo as a bandleader, Italia was an extra, his uncle Anton conducted the opera orchestra, three year old Gia played Connie's granddaughter (granddaughter? daughter of whom?), "Zasa" is Coppola's maternal grandmother's maiden name, Vincent's bodyguard Lou Pennino got his last name from Francesco Pennino who was Coppola's maternal grandfather and wrote Senza Mamma.

Okay, one for Pacino: Mark Scarola, a spectator in the Little Italy sequence (and a Fanucci attacker in Part II), is Al's cousin

GOOF: Cheerios didn't advertise oat bran on the box in 1979

Did you realize that Sofia and Talia are really niece/aunt, just like their Mary/Connie characters?

Zasa was killed at a festival, like Fanucci in Part II

Zasa was killed by a fake cop, like Barzini in Part I

With which scene does Tape One of the VHS version end? Vincent talking to Lucchesi

With which scene does Tape Two of the VHS version begin? Tommasino and Michael with the priest

Who does Altobello hire to kill Michael ("the stone in his shoe")? Mosca, who kills Tommasino first. The other assassin's name is Spara

Michael was awarded The Order of Saint Sabastian. The actual medal, however, is that of St. Sylvester, but the name was changed to avoid possible legal problems. The medal was first given in 1841, by Pope Gregory XVI

The last time Mary and Vincent met, she was 8 and he was 15

Michael donated $100 Million to the people of Sicily

Don Altobello was Connie's godfather. The nite of the opera celebrated his 80th birthday, and Connie gave him a cannoli.

Who becomes "Don Corleone" after Michael retires? Don Vincenzo Corleone (Vincent Mancini)

Zasa had taken over the Corleone family business in New York

Immobiliare ("the largest landlord on earth") was a $6 Billion corporation of which the church owned 25%. The church had a $769 Million deficit, and Michael agreed to bail them out and take majority control for $600 Million

Enzo made the cake at Michael's ceremony

"Pope Paul VI died at 9:40pm at 81 years old." The real one died when he was 80 (Aug 6, 1978) - before the GF3 story begins.

Tony (Franc D'Ambrosio, a real opera singer) sang in the opera "Cavalleria Rusticana" (in the role of Turiddu) which was written by Pietro Mascagni

The total vote for Pope election: Lorscheider, 1; Siri, 11; Lamberto, 99. Lamberto became Pope John Paul I

The newspaper headlines that flash by:

"Pope John Paul I Outlives Administrative Overhaul: Vatical Bank Being Reconstructed" [New York Times, 3/27/80]

"New Pope Announces Investigation Into Vatican Affairs: Calls for Meeting With Chief Accountant, F. Keinszig" [Herald Tribune]

"Vatican Accountant Missing: 'God's Banker' Disappears Without Word from Home in Rome" [source not shown, but notice the Ivana Trump headline underneith?]


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