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The Godfather

Trivia - Did You know...?

The first four words in the film: "I believe in America"

How did the name "Anthony" come to be Michael's son's name? The three-year-old child actor, Anthony Gounaris, responded best when his real name was used while shooting the film. His brother, James, played Anthony in GF2!

There was a scene that was partially filmed during GF1 of Michael and Neri avenging Apollonia's killing -- the two of them going to kill Fabrizio. This is when we would have seen Michael in a white hat holding a shotgun

OOPS! Tom's wine glass is filled twice at Woltz' dinner table, a second apart.

OOPS? Wasn't the windshield of Sonny's car shattered from the gun shots? Well, it was the *first* time we saw it!

OOPS! Hmmm... didn't the American flag only have 48 stars back then?

OOPS? Didn't the horse have a white patch on its head? I didn't see it on the severed head...

OOPS? Clemenza and Tessio were at the Sollozzo meeting... Where were Sollozzo's men?

Where Barzini's men that bad with aiming? There were 11 or 12 shots fired on the Don (9 according to Biskind), but the Don was only shot 5 times!

What time was Bruno Tattaglia hit? 4 AM

What was Woltz' stablehand's name? Tony

What does Sonny write on the kitchen cabinet during Sollozzo's call? "8:30"

Since Corleone, Sicily, was too developed even in the early 70s to be used for filming, the Sicilian town of Savoca outside of Taormina was used instead. This is where you'll find Bar Vitelli and the church Michael was married in. Going there? I found this tour.

Sonny's son Frank is the boy who gives Don Vito a picture when Vito returns to the house after recovering from his shooting

Who taught Fredo the gambling business? Don Francesco

Who is Apollonia's father? Vitelli

Which of Sollozzo's men drives him, Michael, and McClusky to the restaurant? Lou

After which scene does Tape One (VHS version) end? Sonny leaving to go after Carlo ("Son of a bitch!"/"Sonny...")

With which scene does Tape Two (VHS version) begin? Sonny driving off to Carlo's (causeway shooting)

It was 7:30pm when Sonny got killed, according to the clock at the toll booth

Where does Tommasino tell Michael to move to a villa? near Siracusa (That's where they were headed before Apollonia got car-bombed)

Carlo grew up in Nevada, and that's where Michael "sends" him. The actor Gianni Russo actually got some cracked ribs from his in-movie fight with James Caan (Sonny).

Michael's son Anthony is the boy Vito was playing with before he died

Moe Greene was the one shot on the massage parlor table

Who got killed during the baptism sequence? Barzini and his cheaffeur & bodyguard [court-house steps by Al Neri], Moe Greene [shot in eye by ?], Philip Tattaglia [shot in bed with girl by Rocco and a henchman], Strachi [shot in elevator with associate and elevator operator by Clemenza], and Cunio [in revolving door by Willi Cicci]. Carlo [garotted by Clemenza] and Sal [? by ?] got it afterwards

Michael is wearing the same tie and hat when he talks to Carlo at the end, as he's wearing when he's speaking with Vito in the garden

Which moving company moves the Corleones at the end? John J. Bartek Moving. The address was #110

Which realtor is selling the Corleone mall? Genco Land Co. (the sign says 5.6 acres for "Future Commercial Development" and SOLD). Who bought it? According to Part II, Clemenza took over, then Pentangeli. Did Zasa after that?

The 350 extras playing in the wedding reception were told to "really have a party."

Clemenza's sauce recipe: Start with a little oil, and fry some garlic. Add the tomatoes and tomato paste, and fry. Be sure it doesn't stick. When boiling, add the sausages and meatballs. Add some red wine and sugar.

Don Corleone was in hospital room #2 before he changed rooms. The Don's conference room (where he met with Sollozzo) was also room #2

The Corleone phone number was Longbeach-4-5620 (Either the mansion or Sonny's)

Mario Puzo's novel, The Godfather, actually includes the story of young Vito Corleone and Clemenza, featured in The Godfather Part II. The novel also devotes much space to the character Johnny Fontane, that the film doesn't.

Michael Corleone is a minor character in another of Puzo's novels, The Sicilian, but Michael is not mentioned in that film. (P.S., the novel is awesome, unlike the film!)

The now famous line "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse" is a bit different than the line in the novel: "He's [Woltz] a businessman. I'll make him an offer he can't refuse."

Robert Duvall and James Caan didn't get much of a laugh with their high-jinks toward Coppola and Brando: mooning them! But during the wedding sequence, Brando, himself, joined in with Duvall, mooning the reception.

Coppola's parents were patrons in the restaurant where Micheal kills Sollozzo and McCLusky. In addition, Coppola's father (Carmine, a retired classical musician and conductor) was the one playing piano in the "mattresses" sequence, and his mother was the switchboard operator at the office (scene cut)

Sofia Carmina Coppola was born May 12, 1971, on the 34th day of shooting the Godfather. Francis taped the delivery of his daughter, who, when three weeks old, played the part of Baby Michael. Incidently, Sofia not only played Mary in Part III, but was also in Part II, on the boat, in the Statue of Liberty scene. She is one of seven actors to appear in all three films.

The famous head of Khartoum was, indeed, a freshly severed head obtained from a slaughterhouse in New Jersey. Prop blood, however, was used.

Why was Sollozzo called "the Turk?" Two reasons: He's spent a lot of time in Turkey and is supposed to have a Turkish wife and kids. Second, he's supposed to be very quick with the knife, or was, when he was young.

What did Brando like to eat for lunch? "...the usual: a double order of squid with hot sauce. No bread, he's still on his diet."

John Cazale (Fredo) died in March, 1978, of bone cancer. He lived with Meryl Streep. He played opposite Pacino again in Dog Day Afternoon! Another moment of silence please...

Robert Towne was an un-credited "script doctor" for The Godfather, who helped with the garden scene when Michael and the Don are speaking.

Laurindo Almeida, a Brazilian classical and jazz guitar virtuoso, contributed to the music. He died July, 1995, at age 77

The Daily Mirror was the name of the paper with the headline "Vito Corleone Feared Murdered." It was priced at 3 cents.

A double was used for a long-shot on Brando's death scene

The site Clemenza sent Paulie to look for a hideout ("mattresses"): 309 West 43rd Street

Pauli was killed with 3 shots, just like Fanucci was.

HOW COME...? Why did McClusky and the other cops arrive at the hospital with sirens blasting literally 24 seconds after Michael and Enzo scare the car away? Perhaps because they expected the Don to have been killed by then

HOW COME...? Why aren't Michael and Kay in the family portrait? Especially when The Don insisted that Michael be in it, and Michael insisted that Kay be in it? They were, but not in the picture that was released! It seems someone messed up! [But that's okay, I have both versions]

There were scenes included in The Godfather Epic boxed set not included in the original Part I tape. [details]

There were even more scenes included in The Godfather Trilogy boxed set not included in the original Part I tape. [details]


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