Each Crittle has a question for you. Are you up for the challenge? Please be sure to close the pop-up window after answering each question. (You'll need Netscape 3+ or MSIE/AOL 4+)

1) Ambitious Ant asks: How long does the longest living ant live?
1 month
1 year
8 years
15+ years

2) Bopping Butterfly asks: How can you tell the difference between a butterfly and a moth?
Butterflies fly and feed during the daytime; moths at night
Butterflies rest with their wings up; moths with their wings out
Butterflies have knobs at the end of their antennae; moths don't
All of the above

3) Curious Caterpillar asks: How many permanent or "true" pairs of legs does a Caterpillar have?
3 pairs
5 pairs
8 pairs
10 pairs

4) Daring Dragonfly asks: How fast can Dragonflies fly (miles per hour)?
10 mph
35 mph
60 mph
100 mph

5) Funky Frog asks: How does a frog catch insects?
By jumping up into the air and catching them in its mouth
By jumping on them (hence the name leap frog)
By drowning them
With its tongue

6) Happy Hornet asks: What is the average temperature (degrees F) inside of a hornets nest?
Whatever the outdoor temperature is

7) Lovely Ladybug asks: How many spots does the common North American ladybug have?

8) Lucky Lizard asks: If caught, what is a lizard's best defense for getting away?
Scaring its enemy by making a loud noise with its tongue
Losing its tail
Biting its enemy and injecting them with venom
Wriggling around until it escapes

9) Scorchy Scorpion asks: When does the common U.S. scorpion sting humans?
Automatically upon visual sighting
Only at the hottest part of the day
Only when provoked
Only while humans are at sleep

10) Snappy Snake asks: Which of the following does a snake not have?

11) Spooky Spider asks: Spiders are the only animals to do what?
Build objects
Digest their food outside their bodies
Eat other insects
Walk backwards

12) Tenacious Turtle asks: Which turtle can pull its head, legs and tail into its shell and close it up for protection?
Box turtle
Snapping turtle
Sea turtle
Side-necked turtle

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