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Here's a quick review of what types of words you need to TYPE in:
EXCLAMATION: A word that describes an outcry (like: Ouch!, Hey!, Holy Cow!)
ADJECTIVE: describes a person or thing (like: crazy, yucky, funny)
NOUN: is a person, place or thing (like: mailman, post office, mail bag).
PLURAL: means more than one (like: 'cars' is the plural of 'car')
VERB: is an action word (like: jump, punch, laugh)
COOL SAYING: one of your favorite sayings (like: "Surf's up, dude!")

"The Crittles Go To "

One day the Crittles crew took a trip to . When they arrived they saw riding a down the street. They all jumped on and towards 's house, which is and with a huge on it.

When they arrived, they the doorbell and answered wearing a . They all went inside and sat on the and starting watching a TV show starring who eats a . Funky Frog and Lucky Lizard went to the refrigerator and started eating a and sandwich. Umm, umm, boy was that ! Curious Caterpillar and Ambitious Ant said ", let's play a game!" and suggested that they play versus . They never lose at that game.

Before you knew it, Happy Hornet and Tenacious Turtle went upstairs and started on the water bed. That wasn't a good idea because Happy Hornet's stinger popped a hole in it and started gushing out all over the . "Look out it's a tidal wave!!!"

Lovely Ladybug and Bopping Butterfly had snuck into the bathroom and started putting on. Oh, don't you two look just ! Daring Dragonfly and Snappy Snake went into the backyard and were hanging from the and began yelling to all the neighbors "". The neighbor's didn't like that too much. At that same time, Spooky Spider and Scorchy Scorpion were up to no good: they had gotten into one of the closets where they found a with all over it. Man, was that looking!

Everyone was having so much fun that they forgot that it was almost o'clock and suddenly the parents came home. All of the Crittles quickly hid under the . The parents said "What happened? Who made this mess?". replied, "All the Crittles did it!". The parents said "I don't see any Crittles here. That's it, you're going to bed without any ."


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