Ambitious Ant What's the biggest ant of them all?
An eleph-ant!
* * *
What did the butterfly say when it missed the last train to California?
Oh my, I better-fly!
Bopping Butterfly
* * *
Curious Caterpillar What did the caterpillar say to his pal?
I hate when I start the day off on the wrong foot!
* * *
What do you call an insect driving a funny-car?
A drag'n-fly!
Daring Dragonfly
* * *
Funky Frog What do you call a frog with horns?
A bull frog!
* * *
What did the hornet say to the barber?
Just give me a buzz!
Happy Hornet
* * *
Lovely Ladybug What did the ladybug say to the shop owner when it didn't have enough money to buy some candy?
Can you spot me!
* * *
What do you get when you cross a sheep and an Iguana during the winter?
A bahhh-lizard!
Lucky Lizard
* * *
Spooky Spider What do you call two spiders who just got married?
* * *
Why did the snake cross the playground?
To get to the other slide!
Snappy Snake
* * *
Scorchy Scorpion What did the girl scorpion say to the boy scorpion that she liked?
I sure have a sting for you!
* * *
What did the salesman say to the haggling turtle?
Gee you sure are a hard shell!
Tenacious Turtle
* * *

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